Amarillo Gear has been manufacturing leading quality gears for 100 years.

It all starts with the right people and only Amarillo Gear can provided the service and reliability you not only deserve, but have come to expect.

Then comes an experienced engineering team who understands your demanding conditions and can provide the right design that will provide years of dependable service.

Next is manufacturing, with state-of-the-art equipment under strict quality assurance programs to give you the quality and reliability you need.

And finally, all of this is wrapped up with industry leading customer service that you will respect and enjoy.

All gear processing is in-house including: gear blanking, tooth generation, heat treating and gear finishing.

Applications of Amarillo Gear open gearing include: rotary table gears, wind generation gearboxes, yaw drives, roller mills, cone crushers, marine transmission systems, off-highway transmissions, bow thrusters, azimuth drives, and “Z” drives to mention just a few.

Spiral Bevel