About Our Helical Gears


Amarillo Gear manufactures helical gearing for an array of applications. Helical gears are manufactured in an array of ratios and range in pitch diameters from 3.94 inch (100 mm) to 31.5 inch (800 mm). These gears are manufactured from AISI 4320H, case carburized, and profile ground to meet AGMA Quality range starting at Q12 and higher.

All processing occurs in-house including: blanking, tooth hobbing, heat treating, and gear finishing.

We do this to guarantee the industry leading quality you have come to expect from Amarillo Gear over the past 100 years. Capabilities Applications of Amarillo helical gearing include: multi-megawatt wind generation gearboxes, yaw drives, roller mills, marine transmission systems, reciprocating plunger and piston pump gearboxes, off-highway transmissions, bow thrusters, azimuth drives, and “Z” drives.

These are just a few of the many applications of our helical gearing. For more information, please feel free to contact us.