Amarillo Gear manufactures the future in air cooled condenser gearboxes today with the new Quantum Series.

With 3 patents, these air cooled condenser gearboxes truly bring innovation and reliability to an application that has historically had an array of problems.

We start with true “dry-well” construction that has no seals on the output shaft. In this situation, the gearbox will never leak during normal operation. Then, we design the input shaft with a “non-contact” bearing isolator. This process eliminates many typical problems and guarantees that the bearing isolator will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Bundle these innovative new features with a rigid and compact gear case that is optimized for heat dissipation, and you end up with a truly remarkable gearbox for your air cooled condenser.

Quantum Series

The Quantum Series of gearboxes are designed and engineered specifically for air cooled condensers. This is very important due to the demanding conditions in which the gearboxes must operate.

The Quantum Series was created to address the many complaints owners and operators of air cooled condensers have experienced over the years from gearboxes not designed for this strenuous application.

At Amarillo Gear, we listened to these complaints and then carefully designed a gearbox that addresses and solves these problems for our customers. The result is a gearbox that provides the reliability and features required to improve efficiencies. Owners and operators love the impact these gearboxes have on their bottom line. They also appreciate being able to conserve water through the use of air cooled condensers.