When the vast majority of all liquid carrying barges rely on Amarillo Gear for their right angle pump drives, you know there is something special with the design and manufacturing of these gearboxes!


Nothing can test the limits of equipment quite like a marine environment. Equipment must be extremely rugged to stand up to the grueling demands that marine environments present and still remain dependable. That is why Amarillo Gear has designed and engineered their right angle pump drives to handle these demanding applications. It’s equipment you can trust when you need it the most.

Special oil lubrication, marine coatings, water ingress prevention and special alloys are available to ensure your Amarillo Gear pump drive will last for years. Whether the barge is carrying petroleum, petrochemicals, asphalt, liquid concentrates, potable water, sulfur pellets or molasses, you can be certain of the reliability built into each and every Amarillo Gear pump drive.