Your cooling requirements are paramount to your business, so put your trust in a gearbox that is designed specifically for operation in wet cooling towers.

Over the past 50 years, Amarillo Gear has grown to understand all of the demands that are put on a gearbox operating in a cooling tower.

Whether it is running large diameter axial fans, reverse operation for de-icing, multiple on-offs per day, extreme operating temperatures, or the fact that it operates in an environment with 100% humidity; Amarillo Gear has designed solutions for all of these scenarios.

So, don’t risk your operations to an inferior cooling tower gearbox, rely on the brand you can trust: Amarillo!

Classic Single Reduction Right Angle

Gearboxes incorporating one reduction ranging from ratios of 2:1 to 9.5:1. Power ranges from 7 HP (5.2 kW) up to 134 HP (100 kW).

To explore all of the characteristics and advantages of the Amarillo Gear series of single reduction gearboxes, click here .

Classic Double Reduction Right Angle

Do you need higher ratios and more power? The Amarillo Gear double reduction gearbox is the perfect choice. Reduction ratios range from 7.5:1 to over 20:1. Power ratings start at 60 HP (45 kW) and exceed 500 HP (375 kW).

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A-Series Drives

The “A” Series right angle gearboxes from Amarillo Gear are designed as direct replacements for the Marley ® line of gear reducers.

Since the critical mounting dimensions are identical to the Marley ® gear reducers, the Amarillo “A” Series will make gearbox replacement easy. This includes gear case mounting holes, horizontal alignment with motor shaft, and overall output shaft height. Ratios are within ±2% of the Marley ® gear reducers.

For more information on the Amarillo Gear line of “A” Series cooling tower gearboxes, click here .

Drive Shafts

Amarillo Gear designs and manufactures the industry’s most reliable composite drive shafts for wet cooling. The Amarillo Composite Drive Shaft is the perfect complement to the Amarillo Right Angle Gear Drive. Each drive shaft connects the electric motor to the gearbox input shaft, thereby transmitting torque to rotate the cooling tower fan.

Amarillo Gear drive shafts are custom manufactured and engineered for specific applications to achieve optimum performance. The Amarillo Composite Drive Shaft will accommodate spans ranging from 2 feet in small HVAC towers, to over 20 feet in large field erected towers.