COVID-19 Plan

Amarillo Gear wants to assure customers that our deliveries are still on schedule, we are working full shifts and focused on keeping deliveries on schedule. We have had contingency plans in place since the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak to avoid disruptions to our customers. Two key elements of these plans are to minimize health risks to our valued employees and maximize the reliability of our supply chain. Precautionary actions were placed in effect early to protect our employees and we maintain multiple supply sources for our materials and components to minimize supply chain disruptions. We are financially able to weather this storm and we provide our key suppliers with long term contracts which in most all cases involves vendor stocking programs for situations like this.

To reduce the chance of contracting the virus, travel and visitation restrictions and procedures have been implemented at all Amarillo Gear locations.  All International and domestic travel has been suspended unless the trip is an emergency and requires senior management approval. General visitation to our facilities has been halted and will remain so until further notice.

To date, we have had no interruptions in our supply chain or manufacturing capabilities.  We will continue to monitor the situation and implement our contingency plans as necessary to ensure the integrity of our deliveries. Unless otherwise notified, Amarillo Gear is positioned and capable of maintaining operations and ready to assist our customers in supporting their needs and requirements.

Thank you for your support and please take care and respect social distancing.